Wanna See Some Gross Eggs?

March 11, 2015

Yesterday I dealt with gross eggs.  Actually more than gross. Yes, there you have it…. a gross of hard-boiled eggs! But wait!  I said “actually more than gross” didn’t I??? Well, that’s because I actually dealt with 16 dozen, yes, I said SIXTEEN dozen hard-boiled eggs! That’s right folks, I hard-boiled 16 dozen eggs, peeled […]

My Best Helper

When The Canadian Contingent visits I get a great helper.  Ellie is ready to help Southern Grandma do just about anything!  In fact, when they come in the door, the first thing she usually says is to ask me, “What are you going to do with me today?” We have a great time puttering around […]

Dyeing Queen Anne’s Lace

If you’re not familiar with Queen Anne’s Lace, it’s a wildflower that grows in fields and along side roads.  It’s white, so that makes it a prime candidate for dyeing it different colors. When I was a kid, we used liquid food dye to do the job.  I don’t know if those dyes are off […]

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