Welcome Ya’ll!

It’s the country life in the southeast with a few 4-legged critters and lots of fowl. Our Maremma sheepdog works hard to keep the predators away! I love to take pictures so there are lots of images of the farm critters, wildlife and nature. Plus some pictures from far afield now and then, when we do a tad of traveling. So sit down and visit a spell!

Our Bucket List Adventure: Day 2

Phase 1 Complete. . .

Phase 1 was getting to Chicago. Not much to that really. Thankfully, we weren’t expecting great things in Chicago, because we sure didn’t get them. Our memories of Chicago are wrapped in lots of rain and expensive taxis.

And one truly AWFUL continental breakfast.

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Our Bucket List Adventure: Day 1

Now that we’re back from our bucket list adventure of riding Amtrak’s California Zephyr train from Chicago to San Francisco and back, it all seems kind of surreal. We did so much in a relatively short amount of time that it’s hard to process it all.

And then there’s the pictures. Oh yeah….

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