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Our Bucket List Adventure: Day 3 Morning

While this is the 3rd day of our entire adventure, it was the second day on the Amtrak California Zephyr train. And it was fantastic! We traveled through the Rockies and Sierra Nevada Mountains, and I took almost 700 pictures in one day. Of course, some of them got deleted in a hurry. Telephone poles and trees have a way of popping up just as you snap the … [Read More...]

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07a California Zephyr

Our Bucket List Adventure: Day 2

Phase 1 Complete. . . Phase 1 was getting to Chicago. Not much to that really. Thankfully, we weren't expecting great things in Chicago, because we sure didn't get … [Read More...]

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Our Bucket List Adventure: Day 1

Now that we're back from our bucket list adventure of riding Amtrak's California Zephyr train from Chicago to San Francisco and back, it all seems kind of surreal. … [Read More...]

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Budweiser Superbowl 50 Commercial: an Epic Fail

Let's talk about the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. . . I positively love seeing them every chance I can. So it shouldn't be any surprise I watch out for their Superbowl commercial every year. First off, here's what a Budweiser commercial should look like. … [Read More...]

picture of Maremma sheepdog

Stick Tight Dogs: Time Doesn’t Change Everything!

You've heard the saying, "Time changes everything." Well, I can't dispute that's often true, but there do seem to be some things that do NOT change. For instance, stick tight dogs. What are stick tight dogs you ask? No, I'm not talking about the dogs … [Read More...]

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Casinos Going Green?

Anything that pushes us towards using more renewable energy is a good thing. Got to admit, I wouldn't have thought you could put "going green" and "casinos" in the same sentence, but after reading the article below, looks like in some cases, it's really true!  … [Read More...]