Wanna See Some Gross Eggs?

Wanna see what a gross of eggs looks like?

Yesterday I dealt with gross eggs.  Actually more than gross. Yes, there you have it…. a gross of hard-boiled eggs! But wait!  I said “actually more than gross” didn’t I??? Well, that’s because I actually dealt with 16 dozen, yes, I said SIXTEEN dozen hard-boiled eggs! That’s right folks, I hard-boiled 16 dozen eggs, peeled […]

Signs of Botulism in Canned Food

picture of bulging can

When I was in high school… yes, we’re going back to the stone age again… all the girls took home ec.  The boys were more apt to be in shop or something.  I think that’s changed these days and some schools have all kids take home ec at one time or another.  That’s good, but […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Farm Animal Welfare

If you want a hot issue to debate, farm animal welfare qualifies.  The rhetoric is heated on both sides of the debate, and even within the opposing sides there is disagreement about what’s right. What “sides” am I talking about?  The biggest talkers on this issue are agribusiness on one side, and the Humane Society of United States on […]

Mainstream moves to Organic, while Organic moves to Mainstream…

Back in my younger years, and NO, contrary to what my kids may think, that was NOT in the Stone Age… I was a bit of hippie. Fast food, chemical farming and an urban lifestyle were much more popular than the counterculture of organic farming and alternative energy that interested me. I read magazines like […]

This little Piggly Wiggly is a market…

Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is bare. The pantry, fridge and freezer are showing a lot of empty spaces as we are running low on a lot of items. However, some hit the critical phase this morning. * No flour for making bread, therefore, * No homemade bread, and no store bought either. * No eggs for […]

Is that chicken, just chicken?

Because of some health issues (fibromyalgia for one), I’ve recently been working on my diet. I’m trying to eat more “natural” foods, as close to ‘off the farm’ as possible. It’s made me check food labels even more carefully. Sometimes the ingredients are kind of what I figured, and other times what I read on […]