Chicken Genetics

We started out with three breeds of chickens here:

  1. Buff Orpington
  2. Polish Silver Laced
  3. Sicilian Buttercup

Our chickens free range during the day, so we don’t dictate what rooster breeds what hen. They decide that all for themselves. smile16
That means that sometimes the genetics produce some interesting results.

Take a rooster that was a cross of Buff Orpington hens. . .

Buff Orpington Hens

And a Polish Silver Laced Rooster, and you get a rooster that looks close to the original, but still carries some different genes.

Polish Silver Laced Rooster

Now let him breed with a Sicilian Buttercup hen. . .

Sicilian Buttercup Hen

And you end up with this handsome fellow. . .

Mixed Breed Rooster

We’ve also ended up with a lot of all white chickens, and other variations like Peepers. . .

Peepers with chick

And as usual, I’m waiting to see how many of this year’s chicks are going to turn out to be roosters.  It seems to me that there are always more roosters than hens.  What’s with that?  With two adult roosters, I probably have one rooster too many anyway!

But it’s a lot of fun seeing which genetics come home to roost!

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  1. Mutt chickens make the prettiest chickens. 🙂

  2. lol! I’ve been meaning to ask you about this because my silky hen has been feeling broody for a long time and I was considering just letting her sit on some eggs until they hatch, but with my flock of hens (ameracauna, buff laced polish, barred rock, rhode island red, silver laced wyandottes and brown leghorn) and the the two roosters (golden laced polish and white silky) who knows what would peck their way out of those eggs. lol!

    Your flock is very unique and quite lovely.


  3. Rural Writer says:

    Mutt chickens can be quite colorful!

    Well, hey Lisa! It might be interesting to see what hatched out from such a variety of chickens.

  4. lol! That’s what I was thinking, too! Maybe I could sell the pullets as fancy designer breeds, sort of like people do who breed anything with a poodle. lol!


  5. Rural Writer says:

    Lisa, that is just tooooo funny! Like the people who breed anything with a poodle, ha, ha! I’d never thought of it that way, but there do seem to be a lot of “poo” somethings, huh? 😉

  6. That gives me an idea! Since my two roosters are a Polish and a Silky, I could market the chicks as ‘Rhody chicks’, ‘Bardish Rock’, ‘Polacauana’, and ‘Wyandottish’. Fancy designer breed chickens, indeed! hehe!


  7. Kade Bartlett says:

    Hey there I was just looking at how beautiful your chicks turned out to be from that cross I have some buttercups but no polish bloodlines intermingled in mine, But I was wondering if you would be interested in selling some eggs so I May hatch them. I live in Eastern Oregon. Thanks

    • Rural Writer says:

      Hi Kade,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I could try to get you some eggs, but I couldn’t tell you what you’re were going to get! Our chickens free range, so it’s a guess what’s going to pop out of a hatching egg.

      I’d say order some Polish chickens from a hatchery, but I know that usually means a minimum of 25 chicks. So if you still want to try the eggs, just let me know.

  8. They are beautiful chicken. why not use Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red because they will give you more meat and eggs.

  9. Rural Writer says:

    I rather like the Buff Orpington because they have such a gentle nature and are good mothers. They are good egg producers also. Maybe some day I’ll give Rhode Island Reds a try though! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Is there An actual name for the Polish Silver Laced + Sicilian Buttercup mix? I have a friend that seen one in our small town in someone’s back yard and she is interested in trying to get one… Thanks ,

  11. Rural Writer says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    As far as I know, there isn’t a specific name for a cross between a Polish Silver Laced and Sicilian Buttercup. It’s just that… a cross. So you’d either have to find someone with both breeds that is crossing them, or buy both breeds and hatch up your own.

  12. hi you have a very lovely flock of mix breeds i have pure bred light sussex BANTAM so there very small although i have some speckeled cross pekin cross buff sussex would you recomend mix breeding and do you sell any chickens ?

    best wishes matthew

    • Rural Writer says:

      We have one Sebright bantam left from a pair. She is out free-roaming with the other chickens, but she hasn’t had any chicks since the Sebright rooster died, so I don’t think they are interbreeding.

      Once in a while I give away some roosters, but mostly I’m not in the business of selling chickens. We just like our own fresh eggs.

  13. Love these pictures I am fascinated by mixed breed chickens, I’d love to see more pictures? Especially mixed cockrels :).

  14. Angela Beuchert says:

    we have a buff Orpington rooster and he is almost 6 months old my grandson received him as a gift for Easter ( just a chick) we were hoping for a hen because we live in the city but unfortunately he turned out to be a rooster we really do love him cause he does act like a dog sometimes he comes running when you call him but he is also becoming a little aggressive we think he needs some females cause he seems to try to treat my daughter and myself like we are his hens lol he is a good looking specimen and he struts around like he knows it lol but he has been crowing quite a lot as of late and the neighbors are complaining we don’t want anything to happen to him so we are trying to find him a good home where he can live out his life happily and be able to crow whenever he wants if you could help or know anyone that can any info would be appreciated thank you

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