Chicken Preening

After a rainstorm a few days ago, I saw this one chicken sitting on the pallet fence, preening her feathers.

Chicken Preening

She’s one of the younger hens, hatched just this year.

While she’s preening, I’m busy screaming.  Okay, not literally.  But I’m still dealing with the fallout from someone stealing my credit card info, and dealing with someone hacking into my websites.

This is not my week.  Is the calendar wrong and this is Friday the 13th or something?

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I am interested in sustainable living and organic farming. I love living on a small farm, living the rural life, and taking care of our farm livestock. I'm also a bit of a photo bug and love to take pictures of our hobby farm animals, plus wildlife and scenic pictures.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Preening

  1. Rural Writer Post author

    Thanks Ceecee. I keep waiting for it to get better, but the credit card debacle has been unbelievable, the internet won’t stay on, and this jerk keeps hacking my websites. I think I’ve got a target painted on my forehead right now . . .


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