Cool Chicken Drawing

Last fall I had a picture of a chicken hen and her chicks in a post called “A Chick Chick Here“.  The hen was looking back to see if her chicks were following along behind. . .

bird on wellhouse roof

Are you coming?

Well, this picture caught the eye of a very talented artist named Donna Clements. She asked if she could use the picture as a basis for a drawing. I thought that was a neat idea, so of course I said yes.

Last week she sent me a picture of the results.

chicken drawing

I asked her if I could use the picture in my blog and to tell me a little more about the picture. Here’s what she said:

“The drawing is approximately 9″ x 9” and was done using waxed based colored pencils. It won 1st Prize (non-professional division) in the Indiana County (PA) Art Association Spring Show. While that was quite an honor for me, I was even more excited about the judge’s comments. First of all, he really liked the composition of the picture — he loved how the hen was looking back at her chicks. All that credit goes to you, Tish, for the great photo! On a personal level, he noted that I should definitely be competing at the professional level and if I had do so with “Ruby’s Brood,” he would have awarded me at that higher level! So, now, I’m competing at the professional level!

I’m happy to say that Ruby now has a new home. A dear friend of mine asked if she could purchase it because it reminded her of growing up on her family’s farm. Ruby now hangs the wall of her large, country kitchen!”

Isn’t that awesome?!?  It was kind of Donna to give credit to my photo, but I believe the real credit goes to her for an awesome job of translating it into a piece of art!

I also asked her if she could send me a bigger picture so people could get a good look at her fantastic artwork, so here we go!

mother hen and 4 chicks

Ruby's Brood

I am in awe of people who can draw so well. I’m afraid even my little stickmen drawings look rather demented!

Congratulations on your award Donna!  It’s well-deserved!

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  1. Beautiful work. Your title had me thinking that one of your hens had taken up art classes.

    • Rural Writer says:

      That’d be pretty cool if one of the chickens decided to take up art. As it is, all we get are chicken scratchings. 😉

  2. i just love your blog. the part about the birds(chickens,guineas) is amazing. ive read everything about all your animals!! best blog ive probly ever been on! honestly!!!!!!! (:
    but i have a question… have you ever had ducks.??? just wondering… thanks.

    • Rural Writer says:

      Hi Cole,

      Thanks for dropping and in and even more for taking the time to comment. I appreciate all your kind words.

      No, we have never had ducks. Our pond isn’t in the dog’s fenced-in patrol area, and with all the stray dogs and wild animals, we don’t figure they’d last long there.

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