Friday’s Farm Fotos

Okay, so it’s a cute-sey way to spell “Photos”, but I happen to be a fan of alliteration. :-) At any rate, just thought I’d show you a few pictures I’ve taken lately around the farm and hadn’t got around to posting yet.

First, we have a picture of our cat, Spot FenceWalker. He thinks he’s a dog. He and one of our “real” dogs, Toby, follow us around where ever we go outside. This is nice until I’m trying to take pictures, and my subject objects to having a cat and dog close by! In this picture, Spot was following me one night when I went out to check on the chicks.

Spot FenceWalker

And here’s a picture of the chicks I was checking on.

Chicks huddles up their first night out.

That’s a little pile of peachicks on the left with a couple of the younger chicks, and the older chicks huddled up in another pile under the volunteer sunflower.

Sometimes I find chickens in unlikely places. I often look out a window to see them perched on the other critters.

Sheep and chicken.

The ewe with the horns is Valrhona, and the one with the Buff Orpington hen perched on her is Papaya.

Other pretty things we can see from our windows include Goldfinches enjoying snacking on seeds and bugs around these tall blue wildflowers. (Anyone know what those flowers are called?)

Goldfinches on blue flowers.

We can’t have a bunch of pictures without one of The Farmer doing what he loves best… playing Firebug. :-)

The Farmer burning trash.

We seem to accumulate boxes and feedbags, so they need to be burned every so often before the feed room in crammed full of them.

The Farmer’s faithful companion likes to trot softly and carry a BIG stick.

Toby with one of his sticks.

The minute one of us goes out the door, it doesn’t matter what Toby is doing, he rushes to grab as big a stick as he can find, cause after all, then we might play with him, right?

And on final reflection, we have a heron who visited our pond this morning. We happened to catch him there when The Farmer went out to work this morning, and knowing how I love pictures, he waited for me to grab my camera and take some before heading on down to the car and scaring the heron away. (Thanks Farmer!)

Heron by pond.

I’m not sure whether the heron was there to grab some breakfast or admire its’ reflection, but it was a nice surprise to see it..

And there you have it, my collection of “Friday’s Fotos”. Hope you enjoyed them!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Farm Fotos

  1. Taryn

    Hey there! Great photos! I am especially curious as to what the name of those tall blue flowers are! I grew up on a long dirt road where they only bloomed early in the morning. My mother and I always assumed them to be a morning blooming flower and marveled at their quiet beauty and durability. If anyone knows, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks again and happy blogging!


  2. Rural Writer Post author

    Hi Taryn,

    Those are Centaurea cyanus, or more commonly called Cornflower. They are also known as Blue Bachelor’s Buttons. Other names are Garden Cornflower, Blue Cap, Bluebottle, and Bluebow.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by!


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