Frosty Morning

After spending time in Florida, we’ve come back to FROST.

That’s not to say it was warm in Florida while we were there.  Nope!  Here I was worried I ought to be digging out our short-sleeved shirts to take, but that wasn’t an issue.  Wouldn’t you know, when we go to visit, they have a cold snap.

Just not as cold as it was here this morning!  In fact, the sheep were sporting some pretty frosty fleece.  It’s most noticeable on Papaya, since she has black wool.

Papaya, one of our Shetland ewe sheep, with frosty fleece.

However, I never could get her to turn her head and look at me.  There was a lot more frost on that side though, than the other.

Coconut and Papaya, two of our Shetland ewe sheep, with frosty fleece.

Valrhona had a bit of frosty fleece, too.

Valrhona, Shetland ewe sheep, with moorit colored frosty fleece.

She’s probably the most photogenic of the sheep we have left.  I love her moorit colored face.  Her wool isn’t really the reddish-brown of moorit, however, but more of a mioget or light fawn color.

I also noticed this morning that it’s high time to put the heater in the birdbath.

Birdbath with frozen water surface.

The water buckets and pools were in the same shape.  Time to plug in ALL the heaters to the water supplies!

There are still a few frosty buds and blooms on my camellia bush, but it won’t be long until they’re all gone.

Frosty bud on Camellia oleifera 'Winter's Star'

I guess I can’t complain considering the bush bloomed for about two months, through October and November.

The buttefly bush blooms are long gone, but there were some frosty skeletons this morning.

Frosty butterfly bush

I need to do some serious trimming on these bushes before spring!

Some of the leaves on the Arrowwood Viburnum in our front yard are a pretty orange-red color.

Frosty Fall Leaves on Arrowwood Viburnum

They looked especially classy with a glaze of frost.

Neffie, our Maremma, patrols the farm no matter what the weather, so a little frost didn’t stop her from making her rounds.

Neffie, our Maremma sheep dog

I guess I might as well get used to this. It is, after all, December 1st, and time for some cold weather!

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  1. Okay, now I don’t feel so bad about my 42* and raining. I’m just not prepared for winter to be here yet.

  2. I’ve become quite spoiled with our long warm autumn and dread the next round which is supposed to arrive this week. Brrrr!

  3. We just had our first cold snap too! Cats made sure we knew EXACTLY what they thought about it when they get let in!!

  4. Rural Writer says:

    Yesterday it was cold and frosty. This morning (12/2 Tuesday), it’s RAINY. The animals hate that worse than frost.

    Including our cat Rosie! ;-)

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