He Came, He Sawed, He Fixed It

I’ve been working on the monumental task of working through photo files on my computer. I really don’t have time for this, but I got to noticing my computer was continually chugging away. I knew it didn’t have malware or virus, as I keep that protection up to date. When I got to poking around, I discovered my problem. One of my 3 hard drives is totally full!

Yes, I said three. One is the “C” drive that came with the computer, but I have two more because I’ve got pictures on these from 2003 to the present. I try to keep all the files in two places: either on another hard drive or burned onto a CD.  Sometimes both.

If you’ve ever had a hard drive fail and lost all the files on it… including your precious pictures! … well, then you’ll see the wisdom of that.

Anyway, this particular hard drive is also used for the temporary files/ working space for Photoshop. Thus my computer was chugging away, flipping between hard drives, trying to find SOMEWHERE to put things!

And also thus, I’m in the middle of a chore I’ve put off and put off, and don’t have time to do NOW either, but that’s the way it goes, right?

I’ve seen a lot of pictures I liked as I’ve reorgainized and moved or deleted files. However, this one from July of 2006 popped out at me while moving it just now as a perfect picture to put up on Rural Ramblings. Mainly because of what The Farmer is wearing…

Mr. Fix It

Yep, that’s the essence of The Farmer… he fixes it!

And believe me, I’m thankful he can!

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  1. Aw, cute picture.
    I have the EXACT same problem on my computer…it is completely bogged down with hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of pictures and has slowed to a chugging, churning crawl. I already have one of those external harddrives that has hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of other pictures loaded onto it, but being external -and possibly the type of harddrive that it is – it is NOT easy for me to get to those pictures. I *like* looking at my pictures, frequently, and so I resist moving them away. I don’t think I have a choice, though…and I’d better do it quickly.
    I just wish wish wish there was a simple solution to my problem.

  2. Rural Writer says:

    Actually, though I’m by far not an expert, I’m puzzled why having a full hard drive is making your computer slow down so much (unless maybe because it’s your “C” drive?). Or you don’t have enough RAM? The only reason mine was running in the background so much is because the full drive is also a working space for Photoshop, and then it would also chug away when the automatic back-up software came on and there was NO place left to put stuff except to default back to the C drive.

    And I can get to pictures easily and instantly on any of the drives. One is a 2nd internal drive, but the other is an external drive, but it’s not hard either. All I have to do is go to “My Computer” then View, Explorer Bar, Folders, and it makes it easy to work through folders, move things around, or whatever since the other hard drives show up there. The external drive is only marginally slower; it will putz around a little longer to bring up a big folder full of thumbnails.

    I’m thinking it shouldn’t be so hard for you! But like I said, I’m not an expert!

  3. hahaahaa! Too funny! My Dad has that exact same shirt…and loves to wear it.
    He lives most of the year in a North Carolina Coastal campground doing repairs and construction for the folks who live there or vacation there.
    He also has a funny shirt about Duct tape, too. 🙂

    I’ve got to do the same chore as you, too. I’ve already lost pictures TWICE from crashing computers. When will I learn?


  4. Rural Writer says:

    Oh bummer! I know how much you love your pictures! Losing them sure is crummy. Hope you don’t have any more such problems.

  5. Oh, don’t even get me started on my pictures! I just can’t tackle it!

    Great T-shirt on your Farmer. I’m glad he can fix it, even with new knees. 🙂

  6. Rural Writer says:

    That *is* the downside to digital pictures. Instead of a box full of pictures, you have a computer full of them!

    Pretty cool, huh? He was even running across the yard last weekend, trying out those new knees! 😉

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