On the eighth day of Christmas. . .

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .

The Eighth Day of Christmas

Eight Maids A-Cleaning!


picture of spotted garden eels

The Seventh Day of Christmas

 Seven EELS a-peeking,

picture of guinea birds

The Sixth Day of Christmas.

Six Guineas Preening,


5 Canning Rings!

The Fifth Day of Christmas

Five canning rings,


picture of baby birds dressed up for christmas

The Fourth Day of Christmas

 Four Calling Birds,


picture of ewes with hats

The Third Day of Christmas

Three Fat Sheep,

picture of two llamas

The Second Day of Christmas

Two Spitting Llamas,

picture of parrot with santa hat

The first day of Christmas!

… And a Parrot on a Fairrryyyyy!.

New Style, cost of 8 Maids Cleaning: $600.00

Old (Classic) Style, cost of 8 Maids Milking: $2,240.00

This was a little trickier.  For the 8 maids cleaning… let’s say they’re taking turns cleaning my house so it gets done 8 times.  Average price for cleaning a small house around here is $75.00 so $75 x 8 weeks = $600.00 for the 8 maids cleaning. 

As for the maids milking, even harder.  The average salary I saw advertised for a farm worker was between $8-$12, so I said $10.  But how long should they work?  Let’s say like the cleaning maids they take turns working for 8 weeks, and they work 4 hours a day to help with milking and any other chores.  Cows need milked every day, so that 7 x4 = 28 hours a week at $10/hour, making each week $280.00 x 8 weeks = $2,240.00 total.

Total to date:
New Style – $2,649.89
Classic Style – $10,825.74

So once again, the Classic style is more expensive than the new style!

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