On the fifth day of Christmas. . .

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .

5 Canning Rings!

Five canning rings!

picture of baby birds dressed up for christmas

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Four calling birds,

picture of ewes with hats

The Third Day of Christmas

Three fat sheep,

picture of two llamas

The Second Day of Christmas

Two spitting llamas,

picture of parrot with santa hat

The first day of Christmas!

… And a Parrot on a Fairrryyyyy!

New Style, cost of 5 Canning Rings: $1.70

Old (Classic) Style, cost of 5 Gold Rings: $1,070.00

That’s for wide-mouth canning rings and lids… hey, it’s Christmas.  Time to splurge!

And speaking of splurging, how about those gold rings?  Actually, I picked middle of the road, with 14K Yellow Gold Men’s & Women’s Wedding Bands 5mm light half round from Amazon.

They cost $214 each, not including any shipping costs.

So today we added an extra zero in the number for the Classic Style, and for the first time, it costs more for the Classic Christmas than a New Style one.  However, the total is still more for New Style.

Total to date:
New Style – $1,971.70
Classic Style – $1.533.00

Stay tuned to see which one ends up being the most expensive overall!

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