Stick Tight Dogs: Time Doesn’t Change Everything!

November 15, 2015

You’ve heard the saying, “Time changes everything.” Well, I can’t dispute that’s often true, but there do seem to be some things that do NOT change.

For instance, stick tight dogs.

What are stick tight dogs you ask? No, I’m not talking about the dogs that hang close to you like Velcro because they have a need to be near their human.

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Casinos Going Green?

November 10, 2015

Anything that pushes us towards using more renewable energy is a good thing. Got to admit, I wouldn’t have thought you could put “going green” and “casinos” in the same sentence, but after reading the article below, looks like in some cases, it’s really true!  Anyway, I thought it was interesting reading.

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Warm Weather Means Nasty Things

April 18, 2015

Yeah, everyone gets all excited about warm weather. Oh joy, oh thrills! Summer is coming!

But there is a dark side to the temperature getting warmer. Oh yes indeed. Just think about it. Now we get to deal with:

  • fleas
  • mosquitoes
  • ticks

Plus spiders too!

And then there is yet one more creepy-crawly we have to deal with when it warms up.  The Farmer just went out the door, and when he opened the door, do you see what I saw?

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