Sheep and Lambs

I have a good friend that raises Dohne sheep in Australia.  Right now it’s lambing season, and they’ve been having an awful time with eagles killing the lambs and sinking their talons in the ewes backs.  That means not only are the lambs lost, but if they don’t medicate the sheep to kill the fly eggs turning into maggots… they could lose the moms too. 

There are times I miss lambing season.  Every spring in fact.  EXCEPT I do NOT miss losing a lamb.  I can only imagine what it must be like to lose a whole bunch of them at once, to walk out and see a paddock full of dead lambs. 

Little lambs are just sooooo incredibly cute!

picture of sheep and lamb

Lamb sweetness

Anyway, I got to thinking about our lambs and looking at past pictures, so made a little video with some of the pictures I have:

(you can see it full screen by clicking on the icon 2nd from the right at the bottom.)

I do love lambs!  I mean, look at this:

picture of lamb

Just look at that face!

How can you not love a little face like that?!!

Lambs are not only cute, but lambs and wool are “cash crops” for my friend in Austalia.  I wish I could make it better for her, with having lost so many of their lambs.

Cause we BOTH love lambs!

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