Friday’s Farm Fotos


It’s been a while since I posted, so a few of my Friday Farm Fotos seemed like a good place to start. We’ve been having trouble with our internet connection, which is one reason (among many) that I haven’t been on here so much.  Yesterday the company finally sent someone to check the pole and […]

Update From The Farm

Paris of course!

Time keeps on marching, and here we are in April!  Good Friday, with the Easter weekend coming up. Around here we don’t have anything special planned.  Some of the family, however, is spending Easter in Paris. That being my oldest son and his wife. Poor kids, all alone in Paris…. yeah, right! You’d think they […]

Friday’s Farm Fotos

picture of purple iris bloom

Another quick post!  I’m trying to finish up the main part of a writing project today!  So here are a few pictures from around the farm this week. . . We are getting more and more iris blooms in the flower bed around the big oak tree in the front yard. At this time of […]

Friday’s Farm Fotos

picture of iris

Another week has slipped right by.  Spring is in residence most of the time, although old man winter rousts her out now and then for a light frost or some nippy weather.  But flowers are blooming and birds are nesting and the peacocks are screaming, so it must really be spring! I saw the first […]

Enough Snow Already!

picture of maremma sheepdog in snow

Last night we got more snow.  Nothing like the previous snowfall, but still.  This is the SOUTH, so …. ENOUGH SNOW ALREADY!!! Our Maremma sheepdog, Neffie, doesn’t look too thrilled with the snow. I agree with her. Granted, it’s just a light blanket of snow. . . The sheep don’t care about the snow, whether […]

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