Massey Ferguson Tractors

December 26, 2006

Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson has been around since 1847, when Daniel Massey opened a workshop to build simple farm implements in Newcastle, Ontario.

Daniel Massey was a farmer. And like all farmers, he wore many caps – manager, businessman, family man, tradesman and entrepreneur. He was an inventor who loved farming.

The farm implement business went well for Massey.

At the same time, another Ontario man, Alanson Harris, established a foundry to make and repair farm machinery. Both Massey and Harris became leading names in harvesting equipment and eventually merged in 1891.

The Massey-Harris Company joined forces about half a century later with a smart Irish engineer named Harry Ferguson. He revolutionized tractor design with his innovative three-point hitch. Why? Because for the first time, the tractor and implement could work as one unit. This still applies to just about all agricultural tractors today.

The new company formed in 1953 was called Massey-Harris-Ferguson Limited. About five years later, the name was shortened to Massey Ferguson.

The latest change came in 1995, whe US-based AGCO Corporation bought Massey-Ferguson.

Massey Ferguson MF8690 monster tractor new

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Gas Tractor

September 21, 2006

Gas Tractor. . .
Gas Tractor

You can get gas tractors or diesel tractors.

Just depends on what kind of fuel you would prefer to use in the tractor you buy.

Here’s an example of a gas tractor:

Oliver 880 LP-gas Tractor Pulling

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Vintage Farmall Cub

September 13, 2006

vintage Farmall Cub. . .
vintage Farmall Cub
The Farmall Cub or International Cub (also widely know as simply the “Cub”) was the smallest tractor manufactured by International Harvester (IH) under either the McCormick-Deering, Farmall, or International names from 1947 through 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky.

There was the Standard Cub type, and the Lo-boy Cub (or Cub Lo-Boy) variation. They had a distinctive IH Red or Federal Yellow color schemes.

In the late 1950s, Farmall Cub sales shifted from agricultural use to industrial use. The Internation Harvester company capitalized on the shift, and changed the standard color for the Cub Lo-Boy and Cub from the familiar IH Red to Federal Yellow in 1960, with IH Red as an option.

In 1963, International Harvester changed the grill of these tractors to a flat-grill style and dropped the Farmall name in favor of International. In 1979, the last production run of Cubs were painted IH Red.

1956 Farmall Cub

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John Deere Tractor

August 2, 2006

John Deere
John Deere
John Deere developed the world’s first commercially successful, self-scouring steel plow.

At the time the midwestern United States was considering a place of glowing promise. Deere set to work, and his company grew and flourished in that land of promise.

Here’s a time line of the beginning years:

  • 1837 John Deere fashions a polished-steel plow that lets pioneer farmers cut clean furrows through sticky Midwest prairie soil.
  • 1838 John Deere, blacksmith, evolves into John Deere, manufacturer. Later he remembers building 10 plows in 1839, 75 in 1841, and 100 in 1842.
  • 1841 First practical grain drill patented. First emigrant train of covered wagons reaches California. New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio are the chief wheat-growing states.
  • 1842 John Deere adds retailing to his business, filling orders for the Patent Cary Plow.
  • 1843 Deere and Leonard Andrus become “co-partners in the art and trade of blacksmithing, plow-making and all things thereto…”
  • 1844 John Gould, a partner, on Deere’s work habits: “Hammering in the morning… at four o’clock, and at ten o’clock at night; he had such indomitable determination to… work out what he had in mind.”
  • 1848 The growing plow business moves to Moline, 75 miles southwest of Grand Detour. Moline offers water power and transportation advantages. Deere chooses a new partner, Robert N. Tate, who moves to Moline and raises the rafters on their three-story blacksmith shop by July 28.
  • 1849 A work force of about 16 builds 2,136 plows.
  • 1850 Company called Deere, Tate & Gould
  • 1851 Most one-horse plows sell for $6 to $9. A larger “breaker” sells for $23. 
  • 1852 Deere buys out his partners. For the next 16 years, the company is known variously as John Deere, John Deere & Company, Deere & Company, and Moline Plow Manufactory.


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Vintage Massey Ferguson

July 25, 2006

vintage Massey Ferguson. . .
vintage Massey Ferguson
A major agricultural equipment manufacturer, Massey Ferguson Limited was based in Canada before its purchase by AGCO. It was formed when Massey Harris and the Ferguson tractor company merged in 1953, and created the company Massey Harris Ferguson.

The name was shortened in 1958 and became the brand Massey Ferguson.

Today the company exists only as a brand name used by AGCO, but remains a major seller around the world.

Massey Ferguson 35 23C Diesel Snowy Cold Start

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