Turtle-ly Awesome Weather

We are having some wonderful fall weather right now, with cooler days in the 80s instead of high 90s (F.).  The sun is shining, there’s a nice breeze… it’s beautiful out there!

Even the turtles in the pond are enjoying sunning themselves…

photo of turtle

Floating in the sunshine.

But wait!  There wasn’t just one turtle, or even one KIND of turtle!  There were two turtle youngsters right close to each other.

picture of turtles

Together in the pond weeds.

I’m not sure what sort of turtle the one on the left is.  The shell is covered with stuff, so it could be a Painted Turtle or an Eastern Chicken Turtle.

But this one I’m pretty sure is a snapping turtle.

photo of small snapping turtle

Snapping Turtle

We see a big snapping turtle in the pond once in a while, or going walkabout.

picture of snapping turtle

"Places to go, turtles to see!"

This turtle is pretty easy going.

picture of snapping turtle head

Hey, I'm easy going.

Not all snapping turtles are mean and aggressive!

At any rate, we end up with little turtles in the pond from somewhere!

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  1. Snappers are not my favorite. One summer they ate every duckling and gosling on my cousin’s pond. I guess they have to eat. 🙂

  2. Rural Writer says:

    Oh wow! I wouldn’t have thought of them eating something that big. We haven’t stocked the pond with fish because we figure the turtles would just eat them all, but never considered the baby ducks or geese problem.

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